The whole foundation of Christianity is based on Adam being …

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Comment on To End Fear of Hell by Geoff.

The whole foundation of Christianity is based on Adam being a real person. If Adam is a myth then there was no fall from grace and nobody is born in sin and separated from god. Paul’s theology is that Jesus is the second Adam come to bring humanity back into gods grace again. If Adam is a myth then Christianity is nothing, which means hell is nothing also.

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If Jesus is the Word of God…
The word was God. This Jesus is the same bastard that drowned hundreds of thousands of babies
In the great flood. Just yesterday my girlfriend showed me a youtube compilation of babies
Laughing. Such beautiful innocence. This Jesus who is the word and who is God chose to drown
Thousands of these innocent and beautiful babies. I have read that drowning is a most horrible
Way to die. Jesus is God and all the terrible atrocities of the Old Testament were committed or
Ordered by him. Rape, slavery, ethnic cleansing, murder all with the thumbs up of Jesus. Right
Now because of Easter we in Australia have a Christian TV ad promoting Christ’s sacrifice and the
Mercy of god. I find it so offensive. Jesus has the nerve to die for my sins, he should fucking die for
His own sins first. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord. I will
Never do so willingly but if god forces me to my knees I will confess he is lord, a lord of evil.

Why America Loves Religious Con Artists
This is an interesting idea that Christian leaders are con artist. I remember my church actually
Demanded to see my pay cheques so they could get their 10% tithe. The leaders of the church
said god would bless my tithe ten fold. I wonder if I could sue my old church and get all my tithings

What Atheism Has Done for Me
Thanks for writing this post. Your experience is very similar to mine. I’ve got bipolar and OCD and became a born again, spirit filled, tongue speaking fundamentalist in 1985. Now I’m an atheist. I think Christianity saved my life from suicide in the early days and my OCD loved the black and white beliefs of fundamentalism. Being an atheist makes life in the present moment so vivid and precious. As a Christian I was slack because heaven was my goal. Total oblivion of consciousness from death helps me enjoy the now so much more. I think it could be possible that there is some innate but unknowable intelligence in nature but it certainly is not a deity and is totally impersonal.

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