Why I Refuse to Fear Hell

I was forced into a conversation I didn’t want with a Christian friend last night, so I am going to share some thoughts. I am not out to upset my religious friends who may visit this site. But, I cannot and I will not share your fear of Hell. And here’s why…

Hell is… NOT REAL. As is the case for, well, all religious claims. There isn’t even the tiniest shred of evidence to back up the claim that Hell is real, and that holds true for all other religious claims, whether they are pleasant or scary.

Back in my very religious days, I once believed in Hell. I thought it was real because, like most religious people, I engaged in circular reasoning. Hell was real because the Bible said so and the Bible was the Word of God because it said so and I was assured that that was the case by people I trusted at the time. But they too engaged in the same circular reasoning for the same reasons I did. It’s a never-ending cycle, and it’s one of the reasons religion continues to survive despite the fact that the Bible has been thoroughly debunked online now for many years.

I no longer believe in or waste a moment of my life worrying about or fearing Hell, for the following reasons.

1) Hell is a morally reprehensible concept
2) There is exactly ZERO evidence that Hell actually exists
3) I cannot and would not worship a God who would create such a place or who would burn anyone for any reason for even one second, because such a God, by definition, would be EVIL. Such a God would, by definition, be a MONSTER!

According to the Bible, Hell is a flaming torture chamber where human beings are barbecued forever with no hope of reprieve and where human beings are tormented by demons non-stop, forever, with no hope of reprieve.

Does such a terrible place actually exist? NO, of course not.

If a human parent burned their child for even one second for ANY reason, we would quite rightly consider that parent to be a monster, and we would remove that child from their care immediately. But… millions of people enthusiastically worship a God who not only burns his children for seconds, but for all eternity! And this monster of a God gets a free pass, and we are assured that this God is Love and that he has good reasons for barbecuing his children for all of eternity with no hope of reprieve. We are told that this God is holy and that he cannot tolerate sin, and that if we don’t accept Jesus as our savior so God can wash away our sin and see us through the blood of Jesus, we are filthy sinners who deserve to be punished infinitely for finite sins.

But… THINK ABOUT IT. Can a God who burns his children for ANY reason be considered holy or righteous or even good? NO, OF COURSE NOT. Even if we are not his children but children of the devil if we don’t accept Jesus, is it right to burn us? Is it ever acceptable to burn anyone for ANY reason? OF COURSE NOT! When Christians had the political power to do so, was it ever right or acceptable for them to burn people at the stake? NO, OF COURSE NOT!

And, of course, it is not right or acceptable for a God to burn anyone for even one second for ANY reason… such an idea is monstrously evil, and such a God would be monstrously evil…

I reject belief in God primarily because there is not a shred of credible evidence that the Christian God or any other god actually exists. But if the Christian God did exist and Hell was real, I would reject that God on moral grounds and I would quite rightly consider him to be monstrously evil…

If you would not burn your child for any reason, no matter what they did, then why are you worshiping a God who supposedly burns human beings forever with no hope of reprieve?

And I’ll say this too… some Christians recognize the morally reprehensible nature of the doctrine of Hell, and they try to soften the concept by saying that it just means separation from God… as if that was something awful. But I will say this. I have had more peace, more joy, more happiness, and more contentment since I walked away from belief in God than I ever did when I was religious. And, I value myself and my life far more now than I ever did when I was religious. If separation from God is Hell, then I have to say that I am not suffering for it at all. Not one bit…

My 2 cents… which I hope will break the cycle of circular reasoning in my religious friends and get them to THINK about what they profess to believe… Carry on… 🙂

We Atheists are the GOOD GUYS!

Just posted these thoughts on Facebook, but the Spook of Kryasst who is also somehow magically Him magically inspired me to post them here too. Glory!

We live in a world where religious insanity rules the day. Muslim fundamentalists blow themselves and others up by the hundreds (if not thousands), and wreak havoc in countries such as Iraq. And, of course, they do so in many other parts of the world as well. Christians blow up abortion clinics (though, thankfully, that hasn’t happened in a while that I am aware of) and loudly and proudly hate gays. Just recently, and quite publicly, prominent Christians have commented with a smile that homosexuals should be put to death (a megachurch pastor and a politician in Oklahoma). Christians in this country actively work to undermine our public educational system by insisting their ridiculous ancient religious myths receive “equal treatment” in our science classes alongside real, evidence-based, verifiable science. Ancient myths vs. REALITY? I don’t personally think there is much of a contest or a controversy…

Millions of people in this country and billions of people worldwide remain convinced, despite the complete and total lack of evidence for it, that there is an invisible man living in the sky who loves them and cares for them and will heal them of their illnesses (whether it be a hangnail or cancer) and take care of their problems large and small, and then welcome them to an awesome place for eternity, if they believe the right ancient myths in the correct way. Oh, and an ancient collection of contradictory myths and legends and bad “history” loaded down with atrocities and absurdities from the word “go” (Genesis 1:1) known as the Bible is “God’s Word” and is true forever for everyone regardless of the time in which they live or their culture. And, if you don’t believe this “Good Book” that is filled with atrocities and shocking violence and barbaric doctrines, you will go to a place called Hell forever to be tormented endlessly without any hope of reprieve — but God loves you!… Yeah, right.

But when I or other atheists dare to speak out publicly against this insanity, we are the bad guys? Excuse me? Give me a fucking break. We are NOT the bad guys. We are ones who CARE enough to speak out against the evil and insanity of religious belief and the suffering and havoc it causes all over the world. We are the GOOD GUYS, and we are out to save the world!

Yet, sadly, many Christians will watch movies such as “God is Not Dead”, which badly misrepresents atheists, and will accept the false and uninformed opinions expressed in it as the “Gospel Truth”. Something else that us GOOD GUYS must publicly speak out against and correct…

I reject religious belief totally and do not believe in God and I seriously doubt that there is an afterlife of any kind (though, admittedly, I find the NDE phenomenon intriguing). Yet I am not one of the bad guys. I am one of the GOOD GUYS, and yes, I am damned proud of it! I take a lot of healthy pride in being one of the GOOD GUYS who CARES enough to speak out! Glory!

God is Not Dead movie offers Disturbing Portrayal of Atheists

I saw a Christian friend of a friend of mine on Facebook post a recommendation for the “God is Not Dead” movie. It was on a thread that my friend Nancy has since deleted for reasons known only to her at the moment, so I did not get the chance to respond to her friend. I was going to share this glorious link with her to a review of the movie by an atheist.


The movie, unsurprisingly but sadly, badly misrepresents atheists and casts them in a very negative light. And it is really a shame that Kevin Sorbo, of “Hercules” fame back in the 1990’s on TV, is behind the movie and is making the rounds on Christian and right-wing talk shows promoting it. Kevin Sorbo was great as “Hercules” back in the 90’s, but he is definitely not so great now as a hardcore right-wing Republican and fundamentalist Christian. Very disappointing. Very disappointing indeed…

My personal opinion is this — if you want to know something about any large group of people or understand them as they really are, then you should ask THEM, not other people who may not be knowledgeable or who may intentionally cast the said group of people in a negative light. If you want to know about atheists and understand them, then ask THEM! Most of us are more than happy to calmly and rationally explain our atheism and our reasons for it. If you you want to know and understand why we dislike organized religions such as Christianity and Islam so strongly, again, just ask us! Most of us, again, would be more than happy to calmly and rationally explain why we feel the way we do!

I find it deeply distressing and sad that many Christians will like this movie and will strongly recommend it to their non-believing family and friends. I also find it disturbing and distressing that when Christians want information about other religions or about atheism and atheists, they often turn to popular Christian apologists. And, of course, those said Christian apologists often are not knowledgeable about other religions or about atheism and atheists. And, of course, they are heavily biased toward Christianity and the supposed exclusive truth of it. So, as a result, Christians quite often get inaccurate and heavily biased information about other religions, atheism, and atheists. And, unfortunately, it never occurs to them to go to the source and ask those who believe in other faiths or atheists to get much more accurate and much less biased information and viewpoints. If I want to understand Judaism and do so accurately, I will ask a Jew! The same goes for Islam or Hinduism or Buddhism or any other faith. And, of course if, even as an atheist, I have questions about atheism or atheists, I will ask them! That is, unfortunately not the case for most Christians. They will rely almost exclusively on what they hear from Christian apologists, and as a result they will find themselves either uninformed at worst or misinformed at best.

I can well remember back in my Christian days having an interest in other religions and in evangelizing people of other faiths. I also had an interest in evangelizing people from pseudo-Christian cults (as I considered them at the time) such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. I studied other religions and “pseudo-Christian” cults with great interest. But guess where I got all of my information? From Christian books, charts and tracts, of course! And, naturally, much of that I learned was either inaccurate or heavily biased or both. Now, of course, when I want to know something about another faith, I will ask them! I studied Hinduism with great interest a couple of years ago, and of course I went to Hindu sources on the internet to learn about them, and I even attended a Hindu temple here in town a couple of times. I did not bother seeking out what Christians are saying about Hindus and Hinduism because I know from experience that it will be biased and inaccurate.

Anyway… If you have seen this movie or have had someone recommend it to you, please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks.