Who was Jesus? Did he live in history? Was he God in the flesh? My own answers to these important questions used to be “He was the Christ, the Son of God“, “Are you serious? Of course!”, and “YES!” respectively. With education, my views have changed to the much more realistic and factual, “the historical Jesus was a Jewish apocalyptic preacher. One of many such preachers at the time.” “Yes!” and “NO!” I invite you to study the material presented below and come to your own conclusions about Jesus.

Did Jesus exist? And the answer to that question is YES. We have good evidence for the historical existence of Jesus. At least as good as any evidence is from ancient history. Two mentions by the ancient Jewish historian¬†Josephus and one by Tacitus is strong evidence as evidence from ancient history goes, for the existence of any ancient person. This is from my friend Tim’s blog:


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