The Bible

Fundamentalist Christians revere the Bible as the inerrant, infallible Word of God. But does that belief stand up to critical scrutiny? Does the Bible give any evidence of having been written by a Divine author? The answer, to put it bluntly but honestly is — NO! The Bible, like any other document, is a product of its time. When evaluated honestly, it bears no resemblance to what one would expect to find if it had truly been authored by God.

The Bible is not the “word” of a god. The Bible — in reality — is a collection of Bronze Age religious mythology riddled with contradictions, absurdities, atrocities, some bad “history”, and many scientific and factual errors. Is that what I, or anyone else for that matter, should expect from a book inspired by God? I don’t think so! If the Bible is truly his “word”, then it is seriously in need of a major update.

† The History of the Bible

This article explores the history of the Bible.

† Manuscript Fallacies

One of the most often heard assertions of fundamentalists is that there is overwhelming manuscript evidence in support of the New Testament. We will examine this claim in detail here.

&#134 Biblical Inconsistencies

An outline of biblical contradictions.

† Biblical Absurdities

An excellent outline of biblical absurdities.

† Biblical Atrocities

An excellent outline of biblical atrocities.

† The Dark Bible – The Atrocities

† Biblical Vulgarities & Obscenities

An excellent outline of biblical vulgarities and obscenities.

† Biblical Precepts: Questionable Guidelines

This article explores the questionable guidelines presented in the Bible.

† Fatal Biblical Flaws?

Donald Morgan outlines some fatal biblical flaws.

† Biblical Nonsense

The name of this excellent site says it all: BIBLICAL NONSENSE.

† The Bible on Morality

This article explores morality as presented in the Bible.

† The Bible Code Debunked

This article debunks the “Bible Code”.

† The Skeptics Annotated Bible

This excellent site outlines the contradictions, absurdities, and atrocities, etc. in the Bible by annotating the KJV text of the Bible. The “good stuff” in the Bible is highlighted as well. I highly recommend this site! Glory!

† The Authors of the Gospels are Unknown

The gospels were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as traditionally is believed. They come to us from anonymous sources.

† The Pagan Origins of the Virgin Birth Myth

The Virgin Birth myth has its roots in pagan mythology. Glory!

† The Argument from the Bible

Theodore Drange critically examines the Argument from the Bible.

† False Testament: Archaeology Refutes the Bible’s Claim to History

Christians love to claim that the findings of archaeology support the truth of the Bible. That claim is demonstrably FALSE as the author of this article reveals.

† Can the Bible be Trusted?

Can the Bible be trusted? The answer is a resounding “NO” as the author of this article reveals.

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