It Just Ain’t So

† Fundamentalist Christianity – An Evil, Life-Destroying Cult

Fundamentalist Christianity is not a benign belief system, nor does it represent “Truth” in any way, shape, or form. It is – in reality – an evil, life-destroying cult.

† Christianity Revealed

“Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.” –Chapman Cohen (1868-1954)

† Brainwashing and FEAR: The Tools of the Church

Brainwashing and FEAR tactics are used by the Church to gain and then keep converts. FEAR, guilt, and shame are used to keep believers in line and to keep believers from critically examining their beliefs and thinking for themselves.

† Christianity’s Imminent Downfall

According to the author of this article, Christianity’s days are numbered. Glory!

† Mind Control – The BITE Model

Fundamentalist Christianity is a mind control cult which fits the BITE model.

† Religious Trauma Syndrome – It’s Time to Recognize It

Part 1 of Dr. Marlene Winell’s excellent series of articles on Religious Trauma Syndrome. This syndrome, which deeply affects millions of people (including me) and which causes a tremendous amount of suffering, should have a prominent place in the new DSM V.

† Understanding Religious Trauma Syndrome

Part 2 of Dr. Marlene Winell’s excellent series of articles on Religious Trauma Syndrome.

† Why I Don’t Buy the Resurrection Story

Richard Carrier explains why he doesn’t buy the resurrection myth.

† Martin Luther – The Deranged Theologian

This page contains several disturbing, disgusting, and hilarious quotes from Martin Luther.

† Christianity: The Verdict of History

These pages examine the less-than-stellar history of Christianity and its influence on the world.

† Fundamentalism: A Dangerous Reverence for Words

This article presents fundamentalism as a dangerous reverence for words.

† Christianity Denigrates Women

Christianity and the Bible denigrate women and treat them as second-class citizens.

† A Letter to Christians

Dan Barker‘s hard-hitting letter to Christians, which is now a classic of Freethought literature.

† Ending Biblical Brainwash

The author of this article argues persuasively that fundamentalist belief should be classified as a mental disorder.

† The “Empty Tomb” Myth

Paul Tobin offers a convincing argument for the mythical nature of the “Empty Tomb” story in this article.

† The Embarrassment of Biblical Chronology

Biblical Chronology is an embarrassment for Christians.

† Victims of the Christian Faith

A very long and very disturbing list of the atrocities committed by Christians throughout history.

† The Christian Nation Myth

The notion that the United States is a Christian nation is a popular Christian myth, but it is just that – a MYTH – as Farrell Till reveals.

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