The Hell Doctrine

Hell Doctrine

I spent years back in my Christian days fearing that my “unsaved” family members and friends were destined to burn in Hell forever. I was a victim of the Hell Doctrine. I now realize what a demented doctrine this is, and it shocks me that I ever bought into it. Now I can’t believe that I ever believed and thought this way. The morally reprehensible, monstrously evil Hell Doctrine is the strongest moral argument that there is against the alleged “Truth” of the Christian religion. Though there is not a shred of evidence that such a place as Hell actually exists, it does serve as an excellent example of just how much the damaging doctrines of the fundamentalist Christian cult can warp the moral compass of its victims. If there is one religious fear that I would love to see everyone free of, it’s the fear of Hell. Hell does not actually exist, and there is no rational reason that is based in reality to fear that you or any of your loved ones might end up in such a horrid place.


This article contains many quotes about Hell to help you end your (in reality, baseless) fears of it.

† Challenging the Doctrine of Hell
This excellent article challenges the idea that the Bible teaches eternal punishment.

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