Yes thanks for this. I always wonder why Christians leave their …

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Comment on Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church by Elizabeth Michael.

Yes thanks for this.

I always wonder why Christians leave their brains in the ‘Off’ position. I am a Christian but believing in God does not preclude intelligent thinking. In fact, studying science just increases my faith; I don’t find the two incompatible. The thing people don’t get is that religion has got nothing to do with God. Religion is a purely political construct and operates on the political agenda: people + money = power. If you look at the Roman Catholic Church, all its made up rules fit into that equation; they took the things of God and used them for political gain. The Roman Catholic Church is the Roman feudal system which began by a small group of people (Bishops) deciding to set up Kings (they decided who) and these Kings were the Bishops pawns. Lol, true. Then people from within the peasant class ‘serfs’ could become ‘someone of respect’ and be a tax collector for the bishops treasury i.e. priests for the Vatican. So families backed this up 100% and you will see that Catholic priests all had a very strong ‘mummy’ figure who encouraged them to be a ‘someone’ in the church. ‘Ordinary’ people were tortured to death in front of the town if they didn’t comply with the demands of the feudal system – that message went way deep and is still having its affect today i.e. don’t think, just obey. It is helped of course that this heinous abuse is presented to them as God’s word. No wonder people run from God in their droves. God gets a lot of bad press; he gets blamed for the evils of religion. But God is not, never was and never will be, religious. Jesus’ only message was that of the Kingdom and that God loves us.

When you look at the universe, it is run on strict mathematical principles that can be so surely calculated that we know exactly what will happen to the planets and when. It has been done for thousands of years and it is still being done.

Charismatic Christianity has truth in it; there IS a closer relationship to be had with God but again, it has been taken up by people who are in it for money and power; they love being obeyed and they can’t succeed in any other way so they become ‘someone’ in the church and then by way of willing abusers in the ‘serfdom’ of believers, their own beliefs about themselves as demi-Gods is supported. Very, very dangerous and it has wounded many and cut them off from a relationship with God forever.

We are basically just out of the cave. Look back 150 years say. Where were we? So to stand on a mountain and say ‘There is no God’ against a great deal of evidence in our universe and ourselves, that there IS a God but getting caught up in the religious system (which is all based on Roman Catholicism irrespective of which brand of Christianity you follow) requires a great deal of sifting the lies from the truth.

The ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ movement is so filled with brain-washing and dogma, you can only shake your head at it. Jesus spoke the truth but these people are uneducated and do not think at all and they are trained to attack anyone who does. Very, very dangerous because you cannot reach them at all – they just cry for your blood in the town square if you even try.

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