I was wondering if you could site your sources of …

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Comment on Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church by Mr. Steve.

I was wondering if you could site your sources of ministers using repetition in their music, brainwashing and fear? The article seems legit, I saw an evangelist repeating the same song over and over all the time and it would bug the Jeebus outta me. I wonder if preachers yell to invoke mass hysteria among the sheep to make them baaaa….

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Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church
Thank you for answering my questions. Glory!

Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church
Could you site your sources? Where did you get these facts from experience or somewhere else and if so how legit is it? It seems pretty legitimate I see one broadcasting network using repetition (same song over and over again). I remember an old saying preaching is yelling teaching is telling. I get the idea that they yell to provoke mass hysteria what Christians tend to believe is Kryaast’s spirit moving.

Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church
Is it true that the Horus Christ theory has been debunked or is that just some Christians raging about the theory?

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Non-historical “History” in the Bible
Thank you all is clear and making sense again. Glory! I sincerely hope you get better sir. I will do more research on the Epic of Gilgamesh. I heard a lot of biblical fairy tales were taken from pagan myths. Here’s some research I’ve found on glossolalia: http://www.psychohistorian.org/display_article.php?id=200508010351_speaking_in_tongues.content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Lubz_souh0 http://amazingdiscoveries.org/S-deception-speaking-in-tongues_history_practice http://yuriystasyuk.com/ten-hard-questions-about-speaking-in-tongues-glossolalia-and-xenoglossy/ . Sorry if the links are messy tried to keep them neat.

Non-historical “History” in the Bible
Hello bro Jeff I am troubled, you see, my grandmother has stumbled on a video that has “evidence” of Noah’s Ark. Please for the sake of my sanity (the chance that the ego may take over and make me into a slave to the Holy Farter) debunk this video and expose it for what it truly is and what they ACTUALLY found on Mt. Aratit. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5N6K1fkm2U . On a side note thank you so much for making this glorious site.

To End Fear of Hell
I was brought up as a Christian believing that there was these places called Heaven and Hell. I was also brought up believing that God’s love is unconditional. See the paradox/dilemma? Unconditional love means unconditional acceptance so if that’s the case technically anyone would go to heaven because the all loving, accepting God would invite us all to nom nom at the last supper. Glory!

I Dream Of Mayberry
Good stuff!

What Atheism Has Done for Me
I’ll be looking forward to it. Praise Muhammad Ali! ╰〳 ಠ 益 ಠೃ 〵╯

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