Great Article! As ‘Brother Jeff’ says – this is a …

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Comment on Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church by JJ.

Great Article! As ‘Brother Jeff’ says – this is a fact. I was a ‘born again’ years ago and it took me some time of actually reading the bible without others’ input and honestly looking at myself to discard the ‘jesus as god’ myth. Most of the newly ‘born agains’ I saw (like myself) were easily taken in because of the christian/jesus/bible/guilt groundwork laid by their parents – so the basics of the bible were already there. If you think about it – the bible is there as ‘proof’ for ‘Jesus/God’. You MUST have the bible first to get people to ‘buy’ jesus. The trick is to switch jesus w/the bible very quickly. Use the bible to show the love of jesus, a person having problems finally ‘feels’ the ‘unconditional’ love of jesus. Take that new convert and now go thru the bible – making them believe pretty much anything you want by showing scripture. After that – to negate any part of the bible is negating jesus. Unfortunately the next step of doing crazy things like blowing up abortion clinics is merely an issue of having someone point out the scriptures that say to do that for jesus.

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