During a church service one Sunday a few years ago, …

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Comment on Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church by Joann.

During a church service one Sunday a few years ago, I was taken into the Cry Room (a room for parents with very young infants) by these two ladies who had a discussion with me about a post I made on my Facebook page about lesbian sex fantasies, because I’m gay and have been struggling with same-sex attractions since I was a kid. My post was not at all explicit in nature nor did Facebook think it was inappropriate. I was simply expressing my need to be loved and accepted for who I was without being hated on or changed in any way. Well, my so-called Christian “friends” didn’t like that at all, and I was told by these two ladies in the Cry Room to take down my post. Some of these “friends” unfriended me on Facebook, some refused to Friend me when I tried to Friend them. And when I tried to explain to these two ladies in the Cry Room that people are born gay just as they are straight and that I’ve seen proof on TV of these two brain imagery scans of a gay man and a straight man and the differences between the two brains showing how the gay man’s brain was wired to be gay, one of the ladies cut me off and told me that it’s a lie and that I shouldn’t believe in it. I will never forget that day! Our meeting ended with a prayer to help me “overcome” my same-sex desires, as if all you need is prayer to make everything go away like magic, and suddenly the light switch was turned on and I became straight right away. Ha! This is years later, and even years before that when I used to attend church with a couple of close friends of mine who are Christian, I still struggled with my same-sex attractions and was still obsessed with the women I had these feelings for, even though I knew she didn’t feel the same way for me unless she was somehow hiding it from me, because she would try time and again to discourage me from it. It took me a very long time to become an ex-Christian, and now I am spiritual in my own way, but I no longer belong to an organized religion. Unfortunately, I don’t feel entirely free to think for myself. Some people will still try to convince me to go back and get saved again, and my dad on some rare occasions will ask me why I don’t go to church anymore. I can’t tell him my reasons because he will ridicule me and make me feel bad about myself, so I just shrug and tell him that I don’t know. I live with both parents because of developmental disabilities, and my dad is a control freak who refuses to understand where I am coming from, so he doesn’t even know that I’m gay, so I hardly tell him anything about myself because it hurts me very deeply when I am ridiculed, yelled at, or cut off from my Internet friends by him. I’m hoping that I will one day break free from his grip and move out. But for the time being, all I can do keep my dad from knowing how I feel. Anyway, my point to this story is how right you are that Christians are so brainwashed by their religious beliefs, they won’t accept anything that contradicts what they are taught to believe. I should know. I’ve experienced it firsthand, and I still do on occasion, so I don’t even try to make them understand anymore.

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