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Comment on Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church by Roger.

The title of this article will win zero converts. To preach to the congregation, one must first have one, and one doesn’t get a congregation by offending everyone at the door. The brainwashed who have been fortunate enough to break free of their bonds are to be commended. But breaking the bonds of brainwashing does not free most from its devastating effects. Just as one is unlikely to unlearn a language, so also is one unlikely to unlearn the effects of brainwashing.

Consider the poor children who have been taught, since before they could walk or talk, that all life, including man, was created by some mysterious intelligent creator, just a few millennia ago, and furthermore, that man was special, having been created in his creator’s image, but afflicted with deadly sin, requiring perpetual forgiveness from his intelligent creator.

Now imagine all those confused and frightened school children, struggling to cope with their deadly sins, being thrust into the middle of this whole evolution conspiracy. Imagine being told that your intelligent creator didn’t create anything, but that everything really evolved from a big bang 13.8 billion years ago, including the dumb apes, from which intelligent, sinning man, who they know was created by their intelligent creator, has evolved. Really? Scientific evidence of the big bang and evolution theories had better be really convincing or we ain’t buying it.

Considering that maybe 5.6 billion people firmly believe that all stuff was created, and that a good percentage of those 5.6 billion, who have been forced to study science, also admit that stuff was evolved, there is a bit of confusion here. Duh! Were animals and people created or evolved? How could we have evolved from stupid apes if we are not really animals, but humans created in the image of the creator and afflicted with deadly sin, requiring perpetual forgiveness? So now we have the most intelligent living beings on earth admitting to be created in their creator’s image, but flawed with deadly sins, and evolved from stupid apes, both at the same time. That’s either a lot of blind faith or a lot dumb intelligent beings.

Such is the power of brainwashing.

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