Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church

I used to spend a lot of time debating fundamentalist Christians on a few online debate forums. Most of them are nice enough people but apparently impervious to reason, logic, rationality, common sense, etc., when it comes to their religious beliefs. You can show a Christian the truth and facts over and over and over again and they still won’t get it. I have had the experience of having a Christian state something dogmatic, such as the absurd idea that the Bible is inerrant and infallible, which was easily disprovable. I disproved their claim and any reasonable person would have learned and adjusted their views. Not Christians! They just keep posting the same tired, easily disproved arguments over and over again in spite of the fact that they have been soundly refuted. They refuse to learn. Why?

The reasons are simple but very important to be aware of and understand — BRAINWASHING and FEAR. The Christian church uses several known brainwashing techniques to gain and then keep converts. Here is an example: Ever been to a church service where the same song is sung over and over and over again? I have, and it is a common practice. What the vast majority of church members do not know is that this is a brainwashing technique. The repetition of the song breaks down mental barriers and puts people in an extremely suggestible state. The music plays a part as well. Deep bass tones played rhythmically and repeatedly will cause people to enter an altered state of consciousness – they go in and out of trance while the song is playing. Watch a Charismatic praise & worship service or pay attention next time you are in a church service. You will notice some folks staring blankly into space. They are in a hypnotic trance. Some preachers also use a speaking technique known as “voice roll”, which also has a hypnotic effect. While in a relaxed, altered state, most people’s defenses (and critical thinking skills) are down and what they are taught at that time they will not necessarily think through for themselves. So, while the defenses are down, the brainwashing and indoctrination takes place.

FEAR is another tactic that the Christian church uses and, unfortunately, they use it well. Christians are taught that the Bible is the “word of God” and that they have the only truth. Anything that disagrees with the Bible and/or their denomination’s interpretation of the Bible is a deception. For example, all other religions are a deception. The scientific theory of biological evolution is a deception. If it doesn’t agree with the Bible, it is a demonic deception designed to keep us from believing the Bible and therefore being “saved”. According to the Church, you must believe their way or you have displeased God and are going to Hell forever to be tormented for eternity with no hope of reprieve. The Hell doctrine is nothing more than a heinously cruel fear tactic that has been used successfully for centuries. It should be obvious that the concepts of a Loving God and an eternal Hell are diametrically opposed ideas. With this kind of pressure and these kinds of fear tactics, is it any wonder that Christians don’t think for themselves?

The best thing to do regarding your Christian relatives and friends is to realize that, while they are well-meaning in their beliefs, they have been brainwashed. Brainwashed people cannot see the truth that is right before their eyes and they will deny facts that do not agree with their beliefs. Brainwashing causes a disconnect in the mind of the Christian believer between demonstrable reality and religious fantasy. Reality is filtered out in favor of the religious dogma/fantasy.

Recovery from brainwashing and the fear tactics absolutely is possible! There are those like me who woke up on their own and came back to the real world and there are those who are helped back to the real world by those who care about them.

It is very important to understand that fundamentalist Christianity is a harmful and destructive cult and that it is not by any means a harmless or benign belief system. Any institution that employs brainwashing techniques and fear tactics to win and keep a following cannot be considered to be a harmless organization or one which deserves respect.

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  1. I remember having to go to catechism when I was 7 to 13. … for Catholic “sacraments” such as, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, ashes on the head, pennance – asking another man in a closet to forgive your sins? C’mon really?

    The fear starts at the teaching of the “original sin” like I did something wrong to be born and needed to be forgiven and saved. Then the, you’re going to go to hell stuff which really gets a kids attention. Then they started with words I didn’t understand, like “heathen”, blasphemous, atheist, etc, etc. They seek 100% absolute control… over one’s mind through voluntary compliance. All classic brainwashing tools…

    Looking back, I must have been such a pain in the a$$ to the nuns and priests because I asked so many questions and I wasn’t buying their indoctrination. They tried, they told me that I “had to learn, like I was insufficient to think for myself. First off, the Trinity. How? What? They said, they are all the same person all together. I knew it later on that the Bible makes no mention of the “Trinity” whatsoever. When I was about 13 or 14, I saw prayer meetings where old Catholic people were worshipping statues of the Holy Mary, spoke highly of the Saints, and one time I went to one where they freaked me out speaking in tounges.

    Thankfully, I was NOT indoctrinated, and forced to believe anything, I didn’t have to be de-programmed. I only went to satisfy my Mother who was a big time bible banger. I guess it could have been much worse and I could have gotten molested by the so many perverted pedophile priests that has been going on for decades and decades.

    I have children now and they were taught about false prophets, false idols, cults, warned about religion… and the “great deceiver” because those people don’t even know who they are worshipping. I advised my children that nothing is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason, everything is interconnected somehow, the universe, the air we breathe, all of our vital organs…..

    I tell my kids there is a supreme being, a great spirit, our maker, called God. That’s it… and their beliefs are between them and God and nobody else.

    I WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND IT REALLY OPENED MY EYES….. if the link is dead search youtube for: “Zeitgeist religion”. IT IS REALLY INTERESTING!!!

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    1. I also watched the Zeitgeist movies, they were entertaining, thought provoking and informative, however, regardless of how well and seemingly sincere a view or a set of views(ideology)is presented, I try to dig up more info on the subject.
      I took issue with Zeitgeist part one on religion, it’s not on religion/s it’s on Christianity, and yes I’m a Christian so when I saw erroneous views presented I invested some time in getting to the bottom of it.
      The Zeitgeist or Venus project model seems to be a repackaging of communism with the Esoteric religion of New age religion as the spiritual adhesive, hypocrisy because they’re talking down religion while trying to replace it with their own, the new age religion is also satanic…
      Anyway Zeitgeist refuted by Keith Thompson totally refutes Zeitgeist’s take on Christianity being a rip off of other older religions, he interviewed the leading experts on Hinduism for the view that Krishna and Jesus had similarities, refuted! Egyptologist on Jesus and Horus, Osiris and Mary as Isis, refuted…look it up and give it and honest watch…

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        1. I don’t know about that theory specifically, but the theory that there are similarities between Jesus and pagan dying and rising savior-gods hasn’t been taken seriously by biblical scholars in over a century.

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  2. So true. They are harmful, inhuman and absolutely dangerous. We have to remember the time that church ruled and many were killed in the name of peace and christ. Thanks for posting this.

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  3. Yes thanks for this.

    I always wonder why Christians leave their brains in the ‘Off’ position. I am a Christian but believing in God does not preclude intelligent thinking. In fact, studying science just increases my faith; I don’t find the two incompatible. The thing people don’t get is that religion has got nothing to do with God. Religion is a purely political construct and operates on the political agenda: people + money = power. If you look at the Roman Catholic Church, all its made up rules fit into that equation; they took the things of God and used them for political gain. The Roman Catholic Church is the Roman feudal system which began by a small group of people (Bishops) deciding to set up Kings (they decided who) and these Kings were the Bishops pawns. Lol, true. Then people from within the peasant class ‘serfs’ could become ‘someone of respect’ and be a tax collector for the bishops treasury i.e. priests for the Vatican. So families backed this up 100% and you will see that Catholic priests all had a very strong ‘mummy’ figure who encouraged them to be a ‘someone’ in the church. ‘Ordinary’ people were tortured to death in front of the town if they didn’t comply with the demands of the feudal system – that message went way deep and is still having its affect today i.e. don’t think, just obey. It is helped of course that this heinous abuse is presented to them as God’s word. No wonder people run from God in their droves. God gets a lot of bad press; he gets blamed for the evils of religion. But God is not, never was and never will be, religious. Jesus’ only message was that of the Kingdom and that God loves us.

    When you look at the universe, it is run on strict mathematical principles that can be so surely calculated that we know exactly what will happen to the planets and when. It has been done for thousands of years and it is still being done.

    Charismatic Christianity has truth in it; there IS a closer relationship to be had with God but again, it has been taken up by people who are in it for money and power; they love being obeyed and they can’t succeed in any other way so they become ‘someone’ in the church and then by way of willing abusers in the ‘serfdom’ of believers, their own beliefs about themselves as demi-Gods is supported. Very, very dangerous and it has wounded many and cut them off from a relationship with God forever.

    We are basically just out of the cave. Look back 150 years say. Where were we? So to stand on a mountain and say ‘There is no God’ against a great deal of evidence in our universe and ourselves, that there IS a God but getting caught up in the religious system (which is all based on Roman Catholicism irrespective of which brand of Christianity you follow) requires a great deal of sifting the lies from the truth.

    The ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ movement is so filled with brain-washing and dogma, you can only shake your head at it. Jesus spoke the truth but these people are uneducated and do not think at all and they are trained to attack anyone who does. Very, very dangerous because you cannot reach them at all – they just cry for your blood in the town square if you even try.

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  4. I agree with this article, except one major component left out of the equation : a THIRD TOOL OF BRAINWASHING, and perhaps the most dangerous weapon: SEXUAL SHAME! any child inflicted upon by Catholic church/school/parents knows this all too well. When the Church makes us feel ashamed of our most powerful instinct–sexual drive–everything in our physio-logical and phycho-logical and socio-logical loses ALL LOGIC! why do we use the words for our genitalia as insults? think about it!

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  5. adding afterthought: and it’s the hardest, most painful tool to “undo” the effects of, despite knowing in the mind that the shame is false, the damage lingers in the muscle memory!

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  6. Interesting article, half true but overall, also entirely false. Let this be clear, everyone’s brains need to be washed!!!! What makes your’s so spectacularly clear? You kept writing that they can’t see the truth whnen it is right in fron of their faces? Then tell us, what is that truth? You sound exactly like herod when the He looked right at Jesus and said, “What is Truth?”. Hello? Herod my freind, ‘You’re LOOKING AT IT!”’ve mistaken religions of man and yes, Peoples gullibility (and yes, The Catholic Church is hopelessly corrupt and many are not blind to that nor are they blind to foolishness of men either)’re going to have to find the source that do not already agree with darkness in order to even begin to See the light of Truth. Good luck, but I can promise you this, the longer you’re inclined to remain ignorant the more convinced you’ll become of yourself. You’ll probably say atheism has freed me from all the B.S., Chris said The Truth will set you Free. Which is it?> Was Jesus a liar? never no where no way shape of form has that ever been implied or written even by his enemies. There is a verse referring to this very ‘type’ of individual and this might be surprising to you, these very verses also apply to what? Some of the very churches you’ve crititqued! Therefore, you as was mentioned before, are half right but in the long run, entirely wrong.

    Keep in mind, this was written about 2800 years ago..pretty amazing.

    “They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace.

    “Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush.!”

    ” Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time that I punish them, They shall be cast down,” says the LORD.

    Thus says the LORD, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ā€¦

    What is that “Good Way” mentioned in 2800 BC? The same one that has ALwayS Existed. The Light of God, Christ, the man we later came to know as “Jesus” which was a human name. “I Am The WAY”…he is saying, I Am that Way referred to in ages past since the beginning of time. Wake Up Sleeper” (That is also a verse that can be found). Good luck.

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    1. Except – Jesus never existed dumba$$. The Bible is a bunch of made up Jewish b$ used by priests to control their people back in the day, and it as so convenient that white people made up zombie Jew Jebus to control their oen pople as well. No heaven, no hell. No judgement. And no reason not to sleep in on Sunday morning. #Truth!

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  7. One of the greatest brainwashing techniques ever invented is the “Holy Book” or “Gospel” Notice that ALL of a religious “true believer’s” arguments ultimately come from a single source, and it doesn’t matter which religion you talk about, it always boils down to a written word handed down thousands of years ago by people nobody ever met and nothing can ever be proven or disproven and must be taken only on “faith”. The “true believer’s” dream come true. If “God” really wrote them, wouldn’t there only be one, or wouldn’t they all say exactly the same thing, or wouldn’t “god” be here today passing them out? They were written by men to deceive and control other men.

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  8. The title of this article will win zero converts. To preach to the congregation, one must first have one, and one doesn’t get a congregation by offending everyone at the door. The brainwashed who have been fortunate enough to break free of their bonds are to be commended. But breaking the bonds of brainwashing does not free most from its devastating effects. Just as one is unlikely to unlearn a language, so also is one unlikely to unlearn the effects of brainwashing.

    Consider the poor children who have been taught, since before they could walk or talk, that all life, including man, was created by some mysterious intelligent creator, just a few millennia ago, and furthermore, that man was special, having been created in his creator’s image, but afflicted with deadly sin, requiring perpetual forgiveness from his intelligent creator.

    Now imagine all those confused and frightened school children, struggling to cope with their deadly sins, being thrust into the middle of this whole evolution conspiracy. Imagine being told that your intelligent creator didn’t create anything, but that everything really evolved from a big bang 13.8 billion years ago, including the dumb apes, from which intelligent, sinning man, who they know was created by their intelligent creator, has evolved. Really? Scientific evidence of the big bang and evolution theories had better be really convincing or we ain’t buying it.

    Considering that maybe 5.6 billion people firmly believe that all stuff was created, and that a good percentage of those 5.6 billion, who have been forced to study science, also admit that stuff was evolved, there is a bit of confusion here. Duh! Were animals and people created or evolved? How could we have evolved from stupid apes if we are not really animals, but humans created in the image of the creator and afflicted with deadly sin, requiring perpetual forgiveness? So now we have the most intelligent living beings on earth admitting to be created in their creator’s image, but flawed with deadly sins, and evolved from stupid apes, both at the same time. That’s either a lot of blind faith or a lot dumb intelligent beings.

    Such is the power of brainwashing.

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    1. I understand the power of brainwashing and indoctrination very well. Thanks for your opinion, but the title will remain as is. The truth is important, and sometimes it has to put out there forcefully.

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  9. During a church service one Sunday a few years ago, I was taken into the Cry Room (a room for parents with very young infants) by these two ladies who had a discussion with me about a post I made on my Facebook page about lesbian sex fantasies, because I’m gay and have been struggling with same-sex attractions since I was a kid. My post was not at all explicit in nature nor did Facebook think it was inappropriate. I was simply expressing my need to be loved and accepted for who I was without being hated on or changed in any way. Well, my so-called Christian “friends” didn’t like that at all, and I was told by these two ladies in the Cry Room to take down my post. Some of these “friends” unfriended me on Facebook, some refused to Friend me when I tried to Friend them. And when I tried to explain to these two ladies in the Cry Room that people are born gay just as they are straight and that I’ve seen proof on TV of these two brain imagery scans of a gay man and a straight man and the differences between the two brains showing how the gay man’s brain was wired to be gay, one of the ladies cut me off and told me that it’s a lie and that I shouldn’t believe in it. I will never forget that day! Our meeting ended with a prayer to help me “overcome” my same-sex desires, as if all you need is prayer to make everything go away like magic, and suddenly the light switch was turned on and I became straight right away. Ha! This is years later, and even years before that when I used to attend church with a couple of close friends of mine who are Christian, I still struggled with my same-sex attractions and was still obsessed with the women I had these feelings for, even though I knew she didn’t feel the same way for me unless she was somehow hiding it from me, because she would try time and again to discourage me from it. It took me a very long time to become an ex-Christian, and now I am spiritual in my own way, but I no longer belong to an organized religion. Unfortunately, I don’t feel entirely free to think for myself. Some people will still try to convince me to go back and get saved again, and my dad on some rare occasions will ask me why I don’t go to church anymore. I can’t tell him my reasons because he will ridicule me and make me feel bad about myself, so I just shrug and tell him that I don’t know. I live with both parents because of developmental disabilities, and my dad is a control freak who refuses to understand where I am coming from, so he doesn’t even know that I’m gay, so I hardly tell him anything about myself because it hurts me very deeply when I am ridiculed, yelled at, or cut off from my Internet friends by him. I’m hoping that I will one day break free from his grip and move out. But for the time being, all I can do keep my dad from knowing how I feel. Anyway, my point to this story is how right you are that Christians are so brainwashed by their religious beliefs, they won’t accept anything that contradicts what they are taught to believe. I should know. I’ve experienced it firsthand, and I still do on occasion, so I don’t even try to make them understand anymore.

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  10. Great Article! As ‘Brother Jeff’ says – this is a fact. I was a ‘born again’ years ago and it took me some time of actually reading the bible without others’ input and honestly looking at myself to discard the ‘jesus as god’ myth. Most of the newly ‘born agains’ I saw (like myself) were easily taken in because of the christian/jesus/bible/guilt groundwork laid by their parents – so the basics of the bible were already there. If you think about it – the bible is there as ‘proof’ for ‘Jesus/God’. You MUST have the bible first to get people to ‘buy’ jesus. The trick is to switch jesus w/the bible very quickly. Use the bible to show the love of jesus, a person having problems finally ‘feels’ the ‘unconditional’ love of jesus. Take that new convert and now go thru the bible – making them believe pretty much anything you want by showing scripture. After that – to negate any part of the bible is negating jesus. Unfortunately the next step of doing crazy things like blowing up abortion clinics is merely an issue of having someone point out the scriptures that say to do that for jesus.

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  11. Could you site your sources? Where did you get these facts from experience or somewhere else and if so how legit is it? It seems pretty legitimate I see one broadcasting network using repetition (same song over and over again). I remember an old saying preaching is yelling teaching is telling. I get the idea that they yell to provoke mass hysteria what Christians tend to believe is Kryaast’s spirit moving.

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  12. I was wondering if you could site your sources of ministers using repetition in their music, brainwashing and fear? The article seems legit, I saw an evangelist repeating the same song over and over all the time and it would bug the Jeebus outta me. I wonder if preachers yell to invoke mass hysteria among the sheep to make them baaaa….

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