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I’m using this blog as an ex-Christian to post my thoughts on the Bible and the fundamentalist Christian faith from an atheist perspective. This does not mean that I “hate God” or that I have an ax to grind against Christianity. I walked away from 15 years of devout Christian religious belief 17 years ago, but I still have a strong interest in the Bible and the Christian religion. I just approach it from a different perspective now than I did back in my much younger and much more religious days.

Allow me to introduce myself:

Jeff Thunderbird Falls croppedMy real name is Jeff Reid, and I am was once a very devout fundamentalist Christian believer. I was “saved” at the age of 19, thanks to the influence of several Christian friends, but primarily because of the “witnessing” of my good friend Mike. He convinced me that Jesus was for real, and I remained a Christian for 15 years, until I walked away from religious belief in 2000 at the age of 34. I did, however, struggle with serious doubts about my faith almost from the beginning. I wanted it all to be true badly, but I never was 100% sure that it was, unless I was riding a powerful religious emotional high. At those times, the doubt temporarily disappeared. We did not know when I was younger that I was suffering from bipolar disorder. I spent 15 years of my life swinging between periods of devout religious belief when I was on the manic side of things and periods of doubt and unbelief when I was more on the depressed side of the illness. I was in and out of church for many years, depending on whether I was manic or depressed. After I left the faith back in 2000, I still experienced swings back into religious belief when I was manic. This went on for several years, and of course the religious belief lasted only as long as the bipolar mania did. When the mania died down again, the religious belief faded away as well. My last bipolar religious episode occurred in 2013, and it lasted a few months. I am happy to report that the bipolar-induced swings in and out of religious belief appear to have stopped.

Anyway, once my doubts became strong enough that I could no longer ignore them or conveniently write them off as tricks of the devil, I began researching the Bible and the Christian religion from the skeptical side, and I soon realized just how easy it is to debunk the Bible and to prove the Christian religion false. This site is my effort to share what I have learned and to share my thoughts on the subject of religion. I hope you find it useful and I hope you find the time you spend here worthwhile. I’d also like to wholeheartedly recommend my friend Paul Tobin’s site at http://www.rejectionofpascalswager.net. His wonderful site was instrumental in my learning and my religious de-conversion.

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