Brother Jeff Responds to Brother Jacob

Brother Jacob contacted me today via my Religion is Bullshit Page on Facebook. He had this to say:

“You have obviously never read the bible so you have no room to dis it. Religion is not bullshit, ISLAM and Obama are bulshit. You dumb fuck. Think independently for once”

I can just feel the Christian love! Glory!

Here is the rest of our glorious conversation:

Me: Jacob, thanks so much for your kind, considerate, and well thought out message. I have indeed read the Bible and I am thoroughly familiar with its contents. I agree with you that Islam is bullshit, but so is Christianity. The Bible is bullshit too, and I’ll dis it all I care to as often as I care to. President Obama’s legacy as one of the better presidents we have had in recent times has already been sealed. Overall, he has been an outstanding president and I wholeheartedly applaud the job he has done since he as been in office. Have a nice day. Glory!

Brother Jacob: You are stupid and no nothing about Obama or religion because if you did read the bible you would not think it was bullshit.. You sir are bullshit

Me: Jacob, thanks once again for your kind and considerate response.

I know a great deal about both the Bible and the Christian religion. If you had read this Page or my website, you would know that.

Brother Jacob: No I have read it and its a bunch of lies. You sir have done nothing good for this world… Go die in a hole

Brother Jacob: If you did know anything about Obama you would not say he is a better president. Do you know anything about Iran or israel

Me: Yes, I have some knowledge of Israel and Iran, though I am not overly interested in the affairs of either country. However, I am not open to having a discussion with you on the subject unless you can manage to do so in a civil manner. I am done responding to you if you insist on addressing me in such an insulting manner. Once again, have a nice day, and thanks so much for sharing the love of Jesus with me in such an awesome way. Glory!

Me: Everything published on my glorious website is 100% accurate and true. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be there. You are welcome to disagree with me, but you are not welcome to continue to insult me and my work.

Brother Jacob: Jesus is my savor and Muhammad is my enemy. Their is a holy war going on in the middle east and you side with the oppessors?? Obama is the bible villian HAMAN. Do you have any idea what that means

Brother Jacob: Who is haman then smart guy????

Brother Jacob: Exactly you are stupid and are.not interested in those affairs because it connects so deeply to the bible. Fuck you

Me: Fuck you too, Jacob. And, once again, thanks again for sharing the love of Jesus with me in such a glorious way. Glory!

Brother Jacob sent me a few more messages which I chose not to respond to because I’ve got better things to do with my time than argue with a fundie Christian asshole. He claims to be Libertarian rather than a Republican, but it’s obvious that he subscribes to some weird right-wing conspiracy theories involving President Obama, Israel, and Iran… which I also do not have time for…

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  1. Wow what a wonderful Christian Brother Jacob is. You can just see the love of Jesus shining through him. Jesus himself must be so proud at his gracious and humble attitude. He is just so Christlike, don’t you think?

    Seriously though. Clearly he’s studied bugger all of the bible otherwise he’d know that the things you are saying on this site Brother Jeff are completely true. Obviously this moron Jacob has no ability to look at the bible critically. If he could he would come to the same conclusions as logical rational people such as you and I. Just another blind Christian who can’t see just how disgusting his religion is. He can’t see that his religion is almost identical to Islam.

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