I am a Humanist!

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New for 2015, I am dropping the Atheist label in favor of Humanist. It may be basically the same thing, but too many people when they hear the word “atheist” think negative things. And movies such as “God’s Not Dead” don’t help any with the false negative stereotype of atheists being a bunch of heartless assholes.

I don’t believe in God and I am not a Christian, both for very good reasons. But I am a good person. I am moral and I am ethical, and I am a genuinely nice guy. I care about people and I care about the world. I want what religion promises but it cannot achieve – peace on earth and goodwill toward all of mankind. That is why I am a humanist. Working together for the good of all, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. There is no God and there is no Divine Plan. There is only the natural world, and we are the only ones who can save ourselves from our own destructiveness. We let too many things divide us — politics, religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, etc. If we all work together for the good of all, we can build a beautiful and peaceful world.

I don’t promise to stop being critical of religion in the coming year, but I may change the way I say what I have to say. I’ll start promoting what I believe in rather than bashing what I don’t believe in.
I am no longer angry about the 15 years I invested in the demonstrably false Christian religion or the mythical Jesus of the Bible or anything else. I’m not angry that I once considered a deeply and seriously flawed collection of ancient religious mythology to be the “word” of a god. I am okay with it all now. I wish things could have been different, but I am done with anger. It serves no useful purpose anyway. My Christian experience was not all bad, and I can remember the good times I had with good friends.

I want to spend the rest of my life working to promote the positive philosophy of Humanism and work to make this world a better and more peaceful place.

I just joined the American Humanist Association tonight. Glory! 🙂

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  1. When they hear I am an atheist, they are SUPPOSED to think negative things….
    NO gods
    NO ghosts
    NO boogiemen under the bed
    NO supernatural superstitions
    NO magic
    NO imaginary places
    NO soul
    NO anything unproven with NO evidence
    These imagined things, like Harry Potter, are IMAGINARY.
    My atheism IS very negative.

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