Amen to that Brother Jeff. Being free from Christianity …

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Comment on What Freedom Means – Christians vs. Atheists by Richard P.

Amen to that Brother Jeff. Being free from Christianity is certainly being FREE from all the fine print (rules) that you have to live by, not knowing whether you may even be breaking rules you aren’t aware of, FREE from religious ritual like prayer, attending church, bible readings, FREE from negativity towards minority groups such as gays, witches etc, FREE from beating yourself up over your human nature, FREE from scammers like faith healers and evangelists who con people into giving up their hard earned cash and trick people into believing lies. FREE from so many things.

Recent Comments by Richard P

Brother Jeff Responds to Brother Derek
Brother Derek is clearly a deluded moron.

Brother Jeff Responds to Brother Derek
A nothing world? I’m an Atheist and I live in the real world, not a Christian fantasy one.

Brother Jeff Responds to Brother Jacob
Wow what a wonderful Christian Brother Jacob is. You can just see the love of Jesus shining through him. Jesus himself must be so proud at his gracious and humble attitude. He is just so Christlike, don’t you think?

Seriously though. Clearly he’s studied bugger all of the bible otherwise he’d know that the things you are saying on this site Brother Jeff are completely true. Obviously this moron Jacob has no ability to look at the bible critically. If he could he would come to the same conclusions as logical rational people such as you and I. Just another blind Christian who can’t see just how disgusting his religion is. He can’t see that his religion is almost identical to Islam.

Christianity – Thoughts I Needed to Express
Some great points there. Christians just don’t realize how harmful their belief system is. I couldn’t believe it a week or so ago when a Christian friend I was debating with about religion made a comment that these other religions (not his) are extremely damaging. That these people just don’t realize how much harm their religion does. I had to reply to him “Yes! Just like Christians don’t realize the harm THEIR religion does.”

I can’t believe the double standards. Total hypocrisy. If only they would wake up and see that their religion is just as bad, if not worse than the ones they heap scorn upon.

Christianity – A Clear and Present Danger
Good stuff

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