Wow!!!! Your research is amazing!! I am impressed. I had …

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Comment on The Journey from Christianity to Atheism by Karen.

Wow!!!! Your research is amazing!! I am impressed. I had an “incident” and found comfort in the god forgives all, you are good as long as you believe, just live for god BS. So i also was a fanatical believer, but for a much shorter time. I bought everything I could find to PROVE that god existed. Everything I read was empty. It just showed how other people decided to believe blindly. No proof. No logic. Not even a good story I could try to rationalize. So now I’m a mon-believer who still gets nervous saying atheist because we have been literally bred to fear that word and what a horrible person we are if we are one. I am also passed that I have to backspace 3 times every time I write the word god to get it not to capitalize the word because it’s truly not anything. Even the phone is fighting it. How many lives have been ruined by religion? How much MONEY have they made off other people’s hard labor. I really wish it could change and maybe someday it will. I don’t insult people who believe. I just pity them their ignorance and inability to go against the crowd due to fear or the sense to just take accountability for their own actions and their own lives. Carry on. Great site. See how I let it capitalize the G!? Lol

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