12 Painful Facts about Christianity

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From http://michaelsherlockauthor.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/12-painful-facts-about-christianity/:

Fact 1: The earliest gospel, Mark, was written over a generation (40 years) after the alleged death of Jesus, and subsequently fails the historical test of contemporaneity. (1)

Fact 2: Of the 662 verses in the Gospel of Matthew, 612 were plagiarised from the Gospel of Mark (or “Mark’s” source). (2)

Fact 3: None of the gospels were written by the alleged authors and two of which, “John” (See “John” 21:24) and “Luke,” (See “Luke” 1:1-4) specifically state that they were not eyewitnesses to Jesus. (3)

Fact 4: The gospels contain forgeries, contradictions and errors. (4)

Fact 5: The four gospels were not selected as Scripture until 180 CE (approx.) (5)

Fact 6: There are no first century witnesses outside of the corrupt and biased gospels that attest to the earthly existence of Jesus Christ, but for a forged passage in the work of the Jewish Historian, Josephus (Testamoniam Flavium), and a second reference in that work, which is also suspect and in no way represents a specific reference to the Jesus of the gospels. (6)

Fact 7: Almost all of the myths and moral philosophies attributed to Jesus can be found in earlier mythologies, held by people that were proximate to the lands in which the gospels first arose. (7)

Fact 8: Most of the earliest Christians believed that Jesus was either a phantom (non-human apparition) or a completely human Jewish rabbi. (8)

Fact 9: Christianity only rose to power due to its blatant disregard for its own Scripture, meaning, it aligned itself with a psychotic “pagan” emperor, Constantine, who boiled his wife in a hot tub, murdered his son and executed his co-emperor, and who, merely used Christianity to solidify his sole emperorship, evidenced by the fact that he continued to practice his pagan faith and mint his coins with Mithras (pagan sun-god), long after his alleged conversion. (9)

Fact 10: The sect of Christians that aligned themselves with Constantine became known as the Catholic (Universal) Church and their chief historian, Eusebius, re-wrote Christian history to present a false picture that favored his sect and made it look like his group’s theology, found in our four gospels, was always the dominant and original form, when such was not likely the case. (10)

Fact 11: For the majority of its history (4th Century ~ 19th Century), Christianity has been a violent religion, which, like a deadly virus, has taken over its hosts and killed in order to spread. (11)

Fact 12: The only reason we see more psychotic behavior from religious nuts in Islamic countries today, versus Western countries, is because the West has become increasingly secular. (12)