Aggressive Atheism is Becoming the New Extremism

Saw this posted to Facebook a few minutes ago, from the folks at Ultimate Atheism:

atheist extremism

My response on Facebook:

Exactly. In this country (the USA), it is perfectly okay to indoctrinate children with fear-based ancient myths, legends, and lies and it is perfectly okay to threaten them with the morally reprehensible concept of Hell. It’s also perfectly acceptable to publicly damn gays to Hell and suggest that they should be stoned to death. It’s also perfectly okay to damn atheists to Hell and ignore everything reasonable that they have to say. And, of course, it’s perfectly okay to insist that your ridiculous religious myths get “equal time” in the science classroom. It’s also perfectly okay, if you are a Republican believer, to vote against your own interests (if you are female or happen to be poor) and to legislate and discriminate against gays, women and the poor.

But, somehow, it’s not okay to publicly call religion out for the harmful mythological bullshit that it is and somehow it’s not okay to stand up for reason and science. And, of course, somehow, it’s not okay to stand up for gay rights since an ancient book written by ignorant ancient goat herders says it’s a sin worthy of death.

I make no apologies at all for being an outspoken atheist. I am doing my part to try to make this world a better place, while religious believers are busy hating on entire groups of people and blowing people up by the thousands and flying airplanes into buildings. And, of course, they are busy too damning everybody who doesn’t believe the right ancient bullshit in the correct way to eternal torment in a flaming Hell.

I am SO happy to be FREE, and I will continue to share that FREEDOM openly and publicly, and I will continue to call religion exactly what it is — ANCIENT BULLSHIT THAT HARMS THE ENTIRE WORLD, as well as individual believers. If you think that is extreme, tough shit. I’m out to change the world for the BETTER, and I won’t be shut up by people, well-meaning though they may be, who take ancient myths about talking snakes and magic fruit from magic trees seriously… and who call an ancient collection of books full of shocking brutality the “word” of God…