When I was reading that last paragraph I was thinking …

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Comment on The Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement by Mr Steve.

When I was reading that last paragraph I was thinking of my childhood when I watched the drama of Christ being portrayed in the church. When I first saw the cruci-fiction the first emotions I experienced was sorrow. Even though I understood he was supposedly sacrificing himself for our sins I wasn’t experiencing thankfulness or awe I didn’t like watching that part at first. But when he rose so did my mood become uplifted and I believe this is a method that the christian church has been using for centuries in order to make people feel like crap then give then a sense of false hope that they can get a high. Then the fact that this method is covered up like some conspiracy pisses me off and now I have to listen to preaching through the wall a lot is not a pleasant experience either it tends to have an effect on all weather you believe or you used to believe. Christians like anyone go through the five stages of grief but in a cult setting they experience denial(repetition), anger(when the pastor yells),bargaining(prayer),depression, and finally acceptance(where they get the “high”). In a church this is setup that everyone experiences this as a group(cult) so the feeling is very euphoric.

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