I totally agree, Bob! …

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Comment on The Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement by Brother Jeff.

I totally agree, Bob!

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Non-historical “History” in the Bible
Thanks, Steve, and I will check out the links. Glory!

Non-historical “History” in the Bible
Hi Steve,

I’m down with a bad flu bug at the moment, but maybe this will help. There never was a worldwide Flood as depicted in the Bible. It’s impossible for several reasons, not the least of which is that it is a myth that was copied from a much earlier myth known as the Epic of Gilgamesh.


When I’m feeling better, I will do a post on the subject with a lot more material. But rest assured that the Flood is just a myth. Noah is a myth, and his mythical Ark, or course, never has been and never will be found. Because it doesn’t exist.

Hope that helps for now. Glory!

Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church
You’re welcome, Steve! Glory! 🙂

Brainwashing and FEAR – The Tools of the Church
Hi Steve,

I wrote this article over a decade ago, but my primary source was Dick Sutphen’s Battle for Your Mind. I published that on my site here since it is not copyrighted.


Here’s the video too:

Glory! 🙂

My Thoughts on Robin William’s Death
Hi Ayanna, thanks for the encouraging words, and I’m glad you are enjoying the site! Glory! 🙂

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