Atheists Need to Focus on Issues that Actually Matter!

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My friend Carolyn posted about this cross a while ago, which I honestly had not heard of before.

I am an ex-Christian atheist, and I tend to be rather outspoken and not shy at all about expressing my dislike of Christianity and the Bible.

But… even I get annoyed at joyless atheists like Michael Newdow who are wasting time, money, and effort on issues that, in my opinion, do not matter at all. I don’t have a single problem with the WTC cross staying erected or a single problem with Christians finding hope and meaning in it, though as an atheist, I do have to wonder where the hell their loving God was while Muslim terrorists were busy flying airplanes into buildings for the glory of their god Allah. Perhaps he was helping a faithful Christian find their car keys? After all, keys are extremely important! So are sporting events! God always gets the glory for the win! Hall-lay-LOOH-Yah!!

In any case, I couldn’t possibly care less about issues that don’t actually matter such as religious slogans on our money and crosses and nativity scenes on public property, or even really about the phrase “under God” being in our post-1954 Pledge of Allegiance. WHO CARES, when there are MUCH more important issues that need to be addressed!!

I am an atheist, yet I have no interest in joining the American Atheists organization because, in my opinion, they focus way too much of their attention on issues that do not matter at all, such as the ones I mentioned already, and I am not putting what little money I have to spare out there to support an organization that is busy filing frivolous lawsuits. When and if they start focusing on issues that actually MATTER, I will consider supporting them…

My 2 cents…