We Atheists are the GOOD GUYS!

Just posted these thoughts on Facebook, but the Spook of Kryasst who is also somehow magically Him magically inspired me to post them here too. Glory!

We live in a world where religious insanity rules the day. Muslim fundamentalists blow themselves and others up by the hundreds (if not thousands), and wreak havoc in countries such as Iraq. And, of course, they do so in many other parts of the world as well. Christians blow up abortion clinics (though, thankfully, that hasn’t happened in a while that I am aware of) and loudly and proudly hate gays. Just recently, and quite publicly, prominent Christians have commented with a smile that homosexuals should be put to death (a megachurch pastor and a politician in Oklahoma). Christians in this country actively work to undermine our public educational system by insisting their ridiculous ancient religious myths receive “equal treatment” in our science classes alongside real, evidence-based, verifiable science. Ancient myths vs. REALITY? I don’t personally think there is much of a contest or a controversy…

Millions of people in this country and billions of people worldwide remain convinced, despite the complete and total lack of evidence for it, that there is an invisible man living in the sky who loves them and cares for them and will heal them of their illnesses (whether it be a hangnail or cancer) and take care of their problems large and small, and then welcome them to an awesome place for eternity, if they believe the right ancient myths in the correct way. Oh, and an ancient collection of contradictory myths and legends and bad “history” loaded down with atrocities and absurdities from the word “go” (Genesis 1:1) known as the Bible is “God’s Word” and is true forever for everyone regardless of the time in which they live or their culture. And, if you don’t believe this “Good Book” that is filled with atrocities and shocking violence and barbaric doctrines, you will go to a place called Hell forever to be tormented endlessly without any hope of reprieve — but God loves you!… Yeah, right.

But when I or other atheists dare to speak out publicly against this insanity, we are the bad guys? Excuse me? Give me a fucking break. We are NOT the bad guys. We are ones who CARE enough to speak out against the evil and insanity of religious belief and the suffering and havoc it causes all over the world. We are the GOOD GUYS, and we are out to save the world!

Yet, sadly, many Christians will watch movies such as “God is Not Dead”, which badly misrepresents atheists, and will accept the false and uninformed opinions expressed in it as the “Gospel Truth”. Something else that us GOOD GUYS must publicly speak out against and correct…

I reject religious belief totally and do not believe in God and I seriously doubt that there is an afterlife of any kind (though, admittedly, I find the NDE phenomenon intriguing). Yet I am not one of the bad guys. I am one of the GOOD GUYS, and yes, I am damned proud of it! I take a lot of healthy pride in being one of the GOOD GUYS who CARES enough to speak out! Glory!

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  1. if you don’t believe this “Good Book” that is filled with atrocities and shocking violence and barbaric doctrines, you will go to a place called Hell forever to be tormented endlessly without any hope of reprieve — but God loves you!… Yeah, right.

    Yes he does. Is the world today not filled with shocking violence and barbaric doctrines? yes. nothing is different at all. You’re simply not Understanding because you haven’t learned anything other than what everyone can already see and know other than some are brainwashed. The issue isn’t that God Is not Love itself, it is that people hate the idea. It’s not that God is not love, it is that you are hate. You’ll remain forever stupid, based on this entirely web page, you’re convinced yourself of the most fundamental lies of all humanity. Amazing! Nowhere in what you refer to has anything to do with The Good Book..it’s only Good to those who understand what GOOD means. Hopelessly lost with out a rudder or a sail. “Life has no terror for him who has thoroughly understood that there are no terrors for him in ceasing to live”. Although quoting Epicurious is humorous, the gods of Rome were in fact false to begin with. Will say without a shadow of doubt nothing that anyone will ever say will Enlighten you…very sad but so be it..but Thank God for atheists because with out Them salvation would have never come tot he world! They’ve been ignorant participants in the Master Plan all along, unknowingly..

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  2. God is Jesus –
    God is Thor –
    We choose a god to please us
    And there are many more gods than ever before.

    1226 Dering St
    Cleveland, MS 38732

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    1. I used to be a Christian
      and read the Bible with conviction.
      Then I open my eyes and looked around
      and was amazed at what I found.
      I had to change my position
      and switch to non-fiction. wma

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