Always Go to the Source!

I posted this on Facebook this morning, but the Spook of Kryasst who is also somehow magically Him magically inspired me to share it here too. Glory!

This post is in regards to an article on the “God is not Dead” movie, which I understand badly misrepresents atheists. And, sadly, many Christians will like this movie and never question its inexcusably terrible and biased portrayal of atheists.

My thought is this — if you want to know about any large group of people and you want to understand them, then ask THEM! That doesn’t go for just atheists. That’s true of people of other faiths too. If you want to understand Judaism, ask a knowledgeable Jew! If you want to understand Islam, ask a knowledgeable Muslim! If you want to understand Hinduism, ask a knowledgeable Hindu! And so on… a couple of years ago or so, I had a strong interest in Hinduism and I studied it a great deal. Needless to say, I did not seek out what Christians or other groups of people were saying about Hinduism or Hindus. I went straight to the source and asked the Hindus! I sought out several Hindu sources online so that I could be reasonably sure that I was getting accurate information!

If any you care to know more about atheism, then ask an atheist! Most of us are more than happy to explain atheism and what it means to be an atheist calmly and rationally and with respect. Same goes for if you want to understand why we dislike organized religions such as Christianity and Islam so much. Just ask us, and most of us will be more than happy to explain why we feel as we do and why we feel a need to speak out against religious belief calmly, rationally, and with respect.

I find it very distressing that most Christians, when they want to know something about other faiths or about “pseudo-Christian” cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons, they go to Christian apologists for answers rather than to the source. And sure, they will get a Christian perspective on the issues, but what they hear will likely be highly biased misinformation, due to the fact that Christian apologists often know little or nothing that is accurate about other faiths, and they are heavily biased toward the supposed exclusive truth of Christianity.

I remember well back in my Christian days, I did the same thing. When I wanted to know something about other faiths so I could evangelize people within them, I went to the local Christian bookstore and bought books and charts and tracts that purported to explain the beliefs of other faiths and contrasted them with Christianity, of course showing how the Christian faith was superior and was actually true. Naturally, I realize now that what I got was highly biased misinformation, though I’m sure most of the authors of those books/charts/tracts meant will. They were just ignorant and were passing ignorance on. It happens all the time with plenty of other things besides religion!

Anyway, my point is, if you want to know something about a large group of people or to understand them, in my opinion, it is best to go to the source and ask THEM rather than relying on information from people who may not be knowledgeable and who may intentionally cast the other said group in a bad light.

My 2 cents…