I Just Don’t Know Anymore about Christianity – My Response

Yesterday a young woman posted on the ex-Christian.net forums asking for information critical of Christianity. This was my response:

The best sites I can recommend to you are http://www.christianitydisproved.com and http://www.rejectionofpascalswager.net. Spend time really thinking about what you learn at those sites and I think you will come away convinced that Christianity can’t possibly be true. They are good places to start, anyway.

Hell is an evil myth created by the Catholic Church centuries ago to control the masses through FEAR. Hell is not and cannot be real. Think about it. If there is a loving God, can there really be a place where human beings whom he claims to love are tormented forever without any hope of reprieve? I don’t think so…

There is no dilemma within Darwinism. The evidence for biological evolution is simply overwhelming! As far as irreducible complexity goes, that’s an idea that has been shown to be false for some time now. Relevant link:


Did you know that 2 Thessalonians is a known forgery? It’s doubtful that Paul actually wrote it. Should you really be concerned or fearful about what an ancient anonymously-written book has to say? Relevant link:


In fact, several books in the New Testament are known forgeries! See the link I posted above for more info. We don’t even know who wrote the Gospels, and they are the only record we have of the life of Jesus! Speaking of the Gospels, we now know that they are myth. I highly recommend spending the time to watch this video. Dr. Carrier shares a great deal of very interesting information. His lecture starts at 27:45. Just click the link in the red box in the video and it will take you there.

The earth may be the only place we currently know of that supports life as we understand it, but it’s not fine-tuned for life, and neither is the universe. Relevant link:


It is true that the religion a person believes in depends a lot on where they were born. Religious belief is very much geographically determined!

Jesus and Horus and many of the ancient pagan savior-gods share many of the same attributes. Check out this site:


If Jesus is real as depicted in the Gospels, then why does he rate so high on Lord Raglan’s Hero Pattern Scale? Relevant link:


This article that I wrote several years ago might be food for thought, too:


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  1. The best arguments against God being real is to read the bible. Once you have to start adjusting the facts to suit your beliefs you know you have stumbled upon some bullshit.

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