I am Allegedly on a Journey

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I posted to Facebook recently about some of the weird things that have happened to me in the past that make me wonder from time to time about what is going on. My mind is not closed to the possibility of something spiritual being real, but it is closed to the possibility of disproved religions being true. I got this response from my Christian friend Giuseppe:

I think you know the truth and you resist it for whatever reason. Usually hurts cause us to do that. You obviously have an affinity to the spiritual realm which is why I think you are being pulled in many directions. Even though you continue to deny the reality of God and Jesus Christ I am convinced you will only find true rest and peace in Him. When it comes to God no man can “decide” that He doesn’t exist; nobody has the mental, spiritual, universal knowledge and ability to unequivocally and with absolute certainty come to such conclusion. You either accept Him or you decide to live your own life and deny Him.
I believe. And because I do I believe in His faithfulness and guidance. I know He’s got your best interest in mind. It all will make sense one day. You are on a journey.

My response was this:

Giuseppe, there is no evidence that a god of any kind actually exists. God never says, thinks, or does anything at all except in the minds of believers. I was not hurt in the church either. I actually have many good memories from church days. What led me away from faith was questions that Christian apologists had no good answers for. Also, research and facts led me away from faith, and I am not even slightly concerned that I have made the wrong decision. I know for a fact that Christianity is not true, so the chances of me ever returning to it are slim to none. There are simply too many facts and too much evidence that argues against Christianity for it to be true.

I also had this to say:

Also, Giuseppe, it’s hard to take the Bible seriously as the “word” of a god once you have read it and know what is in it. If God was going to author a book, he could do a LOT better.

Giuseppe responded with this:

Christianity may be (and probably is) wrong in many ways. God, however, isn’t. He will never fit in your mind. Only in your heart, if you open it. There are some interesting scientists and apologists around: Dr. Carl Baugh and Ravi Zacharias, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them. A purely intellectual approach to God is not adequate. Mankind is able to transcend intellect. God is Spirit. Jesus said “you must be born from above”.

My response was this:

God is nonexistent, and so is Jesus. He never lived, never died, and never rose again. The historical record proves it. End of conversation.

Giuseppe does not know me well and he has no idea what my journey from Christian belief to Atheism has been or what it has been like. Yet he felt free to judge me, which is typical of Christians. My journey away from faith was initially horrendously painful, and I was very, very angry. And I had a right to be angry! I was lied to and deceived for 15 years of my life! But now I am FREE, and I am not even slightly concerned that I may have made the wrong decision. Like I told Giuseppe, there are just too many facts and too much evidence arguing against Christianity for it to possibly be true.

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  1. It constantly bamboozles me how many Christians have no ability to put themselves into the shoes of others. Instead they remain locked in their little fantasy world unable to look at anything from outside of that perspective. If they could they might be able to understand us a little better.

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